Our Games

Our games get world-class research out to the public.

Legend of the Lost Emerald
Lost at the Forever Mine
Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case
The Yard Games
Atom touch

Mixed Reality

Our games get world-class research out to the public.

The Station:Maine
Ice Cube

Work with Field Day

Our games bring contemporary research to the public. Want in? We’ll turn your amazing work into a game that reaches huge audiences. Our games cost a fraction of a penny per minute of engagement and last for a decade.

Why use games for outreach?

We'll support your grant-writing

We know how to work with granting agencies and fit within Broader Impacts budgets. As part of WCER, we have access to a full grants department that will provide support throughout your project.

people looking at computer screen doing research
kids playing games on mobile devices

Who do we work with?

We’ve worked with researchers, museums, public media, and large research institutions. Some of our partners already have funding, some need to raise funds for a specific project, and some are looking to revamp their outreach strategy and create a series of games with us. We have a process for each approach.


A vision for equitable, accessible public outreach

If you’re not thinking about outreach in terms of cost per minute of engagement, you should be. Millions of dollars each year are invested in Broader Impacts projects that reach just a few people. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our games reach hundreds of thousands of kids and last for years.

researchers playing lakeland game

What We Make

We make learning games that bring contemporary research to large public audiences.

flying spaceplane

Work with Us

Want to design a game with us? Email us to get started.