Set a lock based on total weight in inventory?
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    Set a lock based on total weight in inventory?

    by smholland » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:39 pm

    I somehow thought this could be accomplished, so perhaps someone can guide me. The plan for a scavenger hunt game we are running next week is for players to get items of varying weight for their efforts at different locations around campus (a globe for doing a task at the arctic research center, a beer for finding the campus pub, etc). The idea is that the items are given differing weights based on the difficulty of the task, and then the weight of the total inventory at the end of the time they are given determines their score. I had hoped to create several quests representing levels of accomplishment (badges, in a way) that would be unlocked once they reached a certain item inventory.

    It appears that I was wrong and this is not possible. Can anyone tell me that I am wrong on this, or suggest another way to implement this kind of functionality, perhaps through global items or item attributes? The idea for this game is that each student group can choose what they seek out on campus and will each have differing experiences, but all have the same chance to "win" the game with the weight of items that they receive. It would be nice to operationalize that through some system in the game. Thanks. -Sean
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    Re: Set a lock based on total weight in inventory?

    by chrish » Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:25 pm

    Bad news: weight won't work
    Good news: something else should

    Weight works much more simply than items generally. there is just a global limit for all players. However there is no need to use "weight". You can use the same idea using auxiliary items of many sorts. These other items, say weight, could be hidden or maybe given as attributes so that the total would show up in "player" Just give out an appropriate number whenever the player picks up something else. Then you can base locks on the presence of this new weight item.

    Give 1 sword
    Give 3 weight

    Give 1 shield
    Give 2 weight.