repeated iPad load failures and crashes
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    Re: repeated iPad load failures and crashes

    by chrish » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:56 pm

    Thanks for the clarification Dave. I remember long ago the struggles we had keeping ARIS itself in memory for those early devices. As the years have passed and mobiles have gotten so much more powerful, I tend to forget the magic that is being done to meet all of the constraints of connectivity, computing resources, and battery life to make these little bricks feel so capable and that of course there are limits. These limits are invisible for a while until someone makes something truly grand that pushes on them.

    A couple things I try to remember: 1) Finding those limits is a good thing for our collective desire to do more with mobile even though it sucks to have an idea that won't fully compile, and 2) It is super important to build into your project various cushions: time to work out bugs before launch, what to do when things break or the network goes down.

    Seeing this particular headache taught me a lot about ARIS and what to be careful about when putting together something big. Thanks guys for working it out here.