Issues with media and links
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    Issues with media and links

    by miramyllyla » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:15 am

    I already discussed with Chris about this, but if anyone else finds this useful, I'm glad. So here's a copy-paste of our emails and if there is someone who can help or has similar problems, I'd be glad to hear how you've solved them.

    We are implementing a big amount media content into our game so now I am worried if ARIS cannot run it. We've tried to download small files and it does open some of them pretty fast when trying to play / test it. But it will take too much time to download most of the files.

    Another problem is that I've put some links (<a href="something">) to plaques and first they all worked perfectly but now when our game is building up the software just throws me out of ARIS. And this is the main problem it does every time we try to implement more media or other content. We managed to change our png- and jpg- files to minimum size but even if we would do that to all files we have ARIS does not work - it is pretty slow and after a while it throws a player out of the app.


    Hi again,

    just to add - now when I tried to remove all the locks so that the game would show every target at the same time, it does not even open it...

    Is there a common error people make while doing these ARIS games, something we should take into account?


    Glad you're finding something good to use ARIS for and sorry to hear you're having troubles. Before getting too deep in the details, I wonder if I might bother you to post these problems to the Field Day forums. That way, others who are having similar troubles but who don't feel like they have anyone to contact directly might be able to find some help. Also, it can help us to pin down when issues are widespread and also spread our knowledge of solutions. The forum is still new, and search isn't as good as it could be, but I do hope it will develop into a resource that is easier to use than you have found it so far.

    In this thread, I see some familiar complaints: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=71&p=318&hilit=crash&sid=b73150b00eac6c3f4106486876a34191#p318
    This group was including and having their players create large amounts of video.

    Anyway, onto the problems. There are a few issues with media that may be giving you problems. There is no magic fix, but knowing about them may help you work around them. They all come down to the size of the media.

    Media downloaded over the network by players should be as small as possible so as to transfer quickly. Network bandwidth is never what we want, maybe even in South Korea.

    Media in a game is loaded into RAM on the device. If there is too much, and the device runs short on RAM, iOS is rather ruthless in removing it. ARIS responds by crashing. This may be the source of your crashes, especially if your problem is made worse when removing locks. In that case, ARIS would be trying to load more media at once. Generally too, the older the device, the less RAM.

    Besides making media smaller, if you have large amounts of video, maybe uploading to youtube and then including links or embeds in ARIS would help alleviate this problem.

    You may also want to try fiddling with "preload media" in Game > Settings

    What kinds of media are you currently including and what file sizes are you looking at? It is often possible to rather drastically lower size without impacting quality much for players.




    I red the post you linked and I found few things that might be same in our game. However we only have 1 video (38,6 Mt) in our game at the moment so the situation isn't exactly the same as it was with 'MT'. We also have a lot of icons and pictures but they are small as well (15 kt-150 kt). I tried to reduce the size of the jpg- and png- files even smaller but then they looked just bad.

    Other problem is with links in plaques. Some of them work pretty well but not all of them. Is there a reason why? Is it because of the website or something that we've done? I have no idea why some of the links work and the rest of them don't.

    Yesterday I removed almost everything from our game just leaving few plaques there and it worked well except these links I already mentioned about. Now when I tried to add more content (30 % of our final content) ARIS crashed and didn't work.

    So I think our media is still too big even though we've try to make it as small as possible without making it look like a mess of pixels. I am still a bit worried since we haven't put even half of the media or plaques/conversations to the game.. and the mystery with the links is still unclear for me. Any suggestions?

    Oh and I put the "Preload media" on and the effects are almost the same than in off- mode. So that might help but unluckily not in our case...


    So is there anyone else with similar problems, especially the links surprise me: how can one link work and another one doesn't?

    - Mira
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    Re: Issues with media and links

    by chrish » Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:28 pm

    This is the game I wrote about (before looking at existing posts, bad Chris!). They seem to have crashes with more than 49 triggers on the map. Just simple plaques and small media. Nothing that looks troublesome to me.