Text variables in ARIS
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    Text variables in ARIS

    by cleffingwell » Fri May 19, 2017 8:41 am

    From time to time in our project, the need for having the ability to save text entered by a user is desired.

    For example:
    We set up a scenario where a medical assistant listens to a video of a clinic patient responding to the question "What current medications are you taking?"

    The request from our scenario designers is that we create a plaque for them to enter the medications that can be reviewed later in the scenario. We could set up a list to use in a drop down and have them select medications from a list and store the choices as a number, but there are soooo many available medications that creating a list to choose from might be daunting.

    Is ARIS ever thinking of allowing user entered text to be stored as an attribute?
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    Re: Text variables in ARIS

    by chrish » Fri May 19, 2017 12:20 pm

    That is really interesting. I haven't heard others bring it up myself before though we have had conversations about text entry within objects. Sort of like how we do with the decoder just inside as opposed to separate so as to provide a space for entry at the same time as context about what to enter. I think your suggestion would be a more powerful and flexible mechanic generally. It might be a bit harder to make understandable to novice authors, but maybe not.

    I wonder if a way to approach this would be to have items be able to have a string instead of quantity. Then an API call could be used to setItemString with a bit of javascript to take in text. Then in locks you could have something like "itemString = ___". Maybe a new kind of item so as not to be confused with the usual sort.

    Or maybe something more from scratch would make more sense.