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Hide location title and easy-reset button?

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:12 am
by Scortas

I'm again asking something from here. We have noticed that our players have mistaken the location titles for clues on ARIS and wondered is there any way to hide the location titles even inside plaques and conversations? So far you can only do this in the map function. We don't want to remove the location names from ourselves since that would lead to hard time on managing the game with multiple locations.

Second question is regarding resetting the game. ARIS can be at times pretty buggy and this can require a total game reset. What we are wondering is would there be a way to make easily accessible reset button for players unfamiliar with ARIS. My plan would be to include this function into the ARIS Tab so players could just easily use it and reset. Right now on our testers we have had to get the phone and do it ourselves, since it requires leaving the game 1st then finding it again and then pressing the reset button and then getting back into the game again.

Thanks again!

Re: Hide location title and easy-reset button?

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:03 am
by Scortas
By the way is there also a way to change the default decoder text when the players enter a word that does not have a result. Right now it says: "This code doesn't mean anything right now. You should come back later." This made our players think that ohh, we have to solve a puzzle first to make this decoding word to work.

Re: Hide location title and easy-reset button?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:49 pm
by chrish
These are all reasonable suggestions on your part, and issues I've encountered myself from time to time. there are no easy fixes to give you, sorry.

Titles giving the plot away - what I do is to title them something that means something or is unique internally but which is not a literally obvious title to the player, like "mysterious stranger", or to strip out or change the titles before going live. The one place in ARIS where the author has an extra note to keep track is in character names. The "name in editor" never shows to the player, but does identify the character in the sidebar of the editor.

Reset - the easiest way for players is to force quit ARIS, then reset upon entering. It seems a bit drastic, but at least most iOS users are familiar (maybe too much so) with force quitting apps. I wonder but do not know if there might be an ARISJS way to do better. Certainly you could give them a tab that sends them back to the game picker, removing one level or so of menu clutter. Even though it sometimes is good to have this handy, for others, resetting would be heartbreak (say my high score in Rupee Collector).